10 NBC Bed Bugs Biting, How to look for Bed Bugs!

UpState New York’s ONLY IFEDCA Certified BedBug Dog Detection Agency

  1. BulletCUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY:   K9 BedBug Investigations is the leader in the BedBug detection and removal industry.  Our state-of-the- art technology includes rigorously trained canines, technicians, pesticides, freeze and thermal heat treatments.


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  1. BulletFast & Accurate:    Our Bedbug dogs and technicians can accurately detect one egg or one live Bedbug. Infestations are found within minutes. With 97% accuracy, they have been trained to know if infestations are new, old, dead, or alive. Our dogs can search an average hotel room in as little as TWO minutes. Each alert by a K-9 is always followed up by trained technicians.

  1. Bullet Bomb dogs, and arson dogs have already established a sterling reputation. Now, man’s best friend, is the most precise weapon in the war on bedbugs.

NO CHARGE FOR COMMERCIAL OWNERS UNTIL EVERY LAST ONE IS DEAD!!!                                                                                  

No job is to big or to small for our investigating teams!

Services always come with a                         


Did You Know only 20-30% of people even show a visible reaction to a bed bug bite?

Hotels, Motels, Apartment Management, Property Managers, Colleges, Cruise Ships, Call TODAY and ask for a FREE demonstration!

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